Pittsburgh Digital Firm LLC

We are using different blockchains for different purposes for our Ecosystem and Non Ecosystem projects.

Ecosystem Projects are being used under 1 wallet. Non Ecosystem projects are on different blockchain with a different wallet.

Company Vision

Our Mission is to develop and create projects for Pittsburgh Digital Firm LLC to provide for our community. Our main focus is R&D Community and Blockchain Development to use for economic purpose. Our vision of a digital econonmy is when majority of population is using different assets for daily purposes.


Company providing blockchain projects contract addresses and different coins for economic development.


Providing Projects on decentralized Exchange. 

Distribution Node 

Primary and Secondary Contract Addresses. 



Community Development 

Community using are projects daily and also helping guide our projects with our DAOs.

Research & Development

R&D is used for providing information and data for Pittsburgh Digital Firm LLC. Also using data for wallet node to store input/output data.

Blockchain Development

Development can either be advancing or improving our project on blockchain. 


Wallet Services 

Project Distribution

Blockchain R&D

Buy a retail product and receive Renegade coins. 

Pre-order a product and receive extra Renegade Coins.

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