Pittsburgh Digital Firm LLC

Welcome to Our Ecosystem

A Blockchain Company using different blockchains for our Ecosystem.
Wallet to Wallet using our ecosystem projects
We use our projects as a brand to sell products.
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Ecosystem Projects

Find information about a project. 

Wallets can be use for projects

* Stake project and blockchain on wallet by adding liquidity .

* Hold project in a wallet instead of exchange

Earn 100 Renegade coins(Mintme) when you buy our products.

How to get started

1. Create  Wallet of your choice. Use google apps to download a wallet. 

Ex: Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet

2. Add coins on wallet to use the projects. Use the project blockchain like Eth,Bsc

Ex: Ecosystem Projects : 0x7BA9EA839267b4dc93625386173EE9d1d14564FB

Decimal : 18

3. Buy on Dex (Decentralized Exchange)

Ex : Uniswap or Pancake Swap

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