Bitcoin Satoshi Version - is  Fast, Scalable, Disruptive, Environmentally-efficient and Regulation-friendly.

How do we plan to use Bitcoin Sv ?

Our goal is to use bitcoin for Development & Infrastructure for our ecosystem to use daily for the community.

Our Wallets

You can pay using Bitcoin(sv) using our wallets. 

Our Services can be provided once bitcoin(sv) is sent to the wallet for service.

Handcash Wallet
Paymail -

Company Wallet Address  1F1gtmQqEFaoDVwN6bnG5BvxhYUZ1ja5i3


Ecosystem and Non Ecosystem Wallet Address


Simply Cash

Project Research & Development Wallet


Infrastructure using Bitcoin Sv

We dont hold community assets. 

We only use Bitcoin - Bsv to operate 

Types of Service

Ecosystem Projects 

Non Ecosystem 

Business Management 

Project Development 

Research & Development

Wallet Addresses 

Each service has a different wallet address for each different service. 

Main Focus

Project Development 

Finding solutions to use bitcoin sv for the community. Upcoming Development 

1st. Community building 

2nd Create and manage work groups

3rd Legal Standard

Research & Development

Work Groups develop a product and use bitcoin sv as a payment. 

Ecosystem Projects

Our Ecosystem Projects can be distributed as a reward or bonus for using our service.

We are selling our ecosystem projects for Bitcoin Sv

Non Ecosystem Projects

Non Ecosystem Projects can use Bitcoin Sv as a payment to join our ecosystem.

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