Contract Address- 4EM7B7FUztRCweH9TH6JffG9YDsH8yaxvue7C1bbzzBB

Max Supply- 500 Million

Blockchain- Solana

Decimal - 6

Buy DAO Pittsburgh

0.005 Solana for 1 DAO Pittsburgh (standard rate).  

Buy and Sell @ (standard rate).

Send Solana to Wallet 

When you send solana to a wallet the DAO can send you the coins on which part of the DAO you want to be part of.

Wallet Addresses 



Projects- EJPrUBkuD8Nd9WP6DsKJPKS3no4RtYRoqAog8GCYGH7g

Project Purpose
Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The main Goal is to use the Project daily and add contracts using the blockchain. 

Use DAO Pittsburgh Daily

Use coins for 5 different options

Receive coins when using your wallet

All operations will be complete from the community

We are not changing prices for the coins. 

We lock each coin at 0.001 Solana 

500 Million Max Supply 

Marketcap @ 500,000 Solana

* At this moment we are getting the system develop*



Anyone can join  to Develop the DAO. All projects operations for the ecosystem will go through the DAO to distribute and create a contract for the project. 

Earn DAO Pittsburgh Coins and help the project to grow. 

Our Goals on Github for DAO Pittsburgh

* Create a system for both ecosystem and non ecosystem projects to operate 

*  Code Contracts 

* Use the resources and data that is provided to gain more experience


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