Digital Exchange Pittsburgh

Contract Address - 0x7BA9EA839267b4dc93625386173EE9d1d14564FB

Symbol - DEP

Blockchain - Bsc

Decimal - 18

Main Purpose

Project is used to exchange different projects Ecosystem or Non Ecosystem project. Our goal is to exchange the project with different exchanges using the coins for the community. Dep offers KYC, Liquidity Pool, Staking. We don't hold the community assets and don't operate as a finanical institution.

Services we offer

Ecosystem Projects 

Exchange Coins

Non Ecosystem Projects

Incognito Projects

Digital Exchange Pittsburgh 
 BNB is our primary Trading Pair.

DEP is using BSC blockchain . We add liquidity to the Pool and Staking due to the Supply of 500 Million. Community can earn and use daily. The Exchange will be Market Price. 

How do we exchange Ecosystem and Non Ecosystem projects?

We use DEP(Digiital Exchange Pittsburgh)(BNB) - NEP(non-ecosystem)(example-Eth) . The price of DEP is not the same price as BNB.  

Current Rate 0.0426 Bnb= 1 Dep

Project Information 

Exchange DEP on Pancake swap

Trading Pairs

The trading pairs are for our projects Based on that blockchain used

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