Firm (Non Ecosystem)

Contract Address- 


Blockchain -Polygon

Decimal - 2

Project Purpose

Firm (Polygon) is used as a AMM (Automated Market Maker) and NFT for Non Ecosystem Projects. Non Ecosystem projects is used on a different marketplace. Buying 0.5 Firm can add your project on the network as a non ecosystem project.


Any Non Ecosystem Project can be added with the ecosystem. Community members can use this coin to add there NFT or use the coins for the AMM.


Non Ecosystem projects joining the ecosystem will bring demand for the project coin for the main reasons purpose and utility. 

Project Supply

Coins in wallet can be shown on the blockchain explorer.

Join the Ecosystem as a non Ecosystem Project

Buy Firm (Polygon) and send to address to receive services.


*Add your Project to non ecosystem using Firm Coin (Polygon)
Send 0.5 Firm ( Polygon)
 Ecosystem Wallet 

*Add your Project to NFT Marketplace
Send 0.5 Firm (Polygon) 
 Community Wallet

*Add your Project to Automated Market Maker for non Ecosystem 
Send 0.5 Firm (Polygon)
Company Wallet

Domain: PittsburghDigitalfirm.Blockchain

Company Wallet Address : 0x01cdff715f1496b46bcbcd8852224fa8adac48ec

Non Ecosystem projects can use this domain for a marketplace. 

Right now we are building the domain.

Please contact us

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