Firm Coin

Contract Address


Symbol-  Firm

Decimal - 18

Blockchain- Ethereum


This project is an Automated Market Maker that distributes projects in our ecosystem. We use NFTs with our projects as a brand. Each NFT is being used for the community to earn digital assets.



Firm is used to add different projects to the ecosystem as a non ecosystem member. The Community can buy Firm Coin as a NFT. In order to join the Ecosystem the fee is 1 Firm coin. Must have 0.5 Firm Coin in wallet .


Due to the 10,000 Max Supply of Firm Coins the Project value is coming from selling NFTs and Adding projects to the ecosystem. Only Value at 0.5 or 1 Firm Coin.

Firm ICO 

Goal is to raise 2 Million Dollars to give the community 20% of the project supply. The project goal of 2 Million is to add liquidity to the project. 

Firm Project Holders

The top 4 Holders are giving the community 20% of the supply each at 5% 

Supply Chart 

20% of the supply will be taking off the top 5 Suppliers to cut the supply percentage. The total of supply the top 5 will have is around 45% control. 

All Purchases are automated send to your wallet. 

Add Firm to your wallet    (Ethereum Network)
Gas Fees for Ethereum must be in wallet to do any type of transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.   

AMM Orders

We are selling Firm Coin @ 0.5 or 1 Firm Coins. Hold 0.5 Firm Coin to get projects benefits when using the project.

0.5 Firm Coin order

Send 0.05 Ethereum to receive 0.5 Firm Coin.

Wallet - 0xc97b34a01d34d7685038dac8a33e9df812570ae1

1 Firm Coin order

Send 0.10 Ethereum to receive 1 Firm coin.

Wallet - 0xe801ad176ba1dc924b33cd31660816b8c6eee985

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