Project Purpose

This Project is a Partnership between Projects on any project can join our ecosystem member. 

Pittsburgh Digital Firm 

Contract Address


Decimal - 12 

Blockchain- Mintme

Join our Ecosystem 

Mintme projects can be added to our Ecosystem as a Non Ecosystem Project. Must use Pittsburgh Digital Firm Coins to join.

Please send  10,000 Pittsburgh Digital Firm coins to Project Wallet 


Projects Benefits 

Projects can be used for our ecosystem community.  Projects that are added must have purpose and utility. 

How do Non Ecosystem Projects benefit?

Adding more wallet holders from our ecoystem commnity can help a project grow.

Learn about our Ecosystem

Understanding our ecosystem and earn our coins while learning about our ecosystem.

Projects from can choose how they want to use their coins.

Our Ecosystem 

The Entire Ecosystem is used for projects to provide services to anyone and anywhere . Our Ecosystem gives the foundation on how non ecosystem projects operate.

Add Project to Ecosystem to be used for community 

 Firm ( Eth) - Automated Market Maker & NFT 

Please send 15,000 Pittsburgh Digital Firm Coins (Mintme) 


Digital Exchange Pittsburgh (Bsc) - Exchange 

Please send 20,000 Pittsburgh Digital Firm Coins (Mintme)



Our Non Ecosystem 

A non ecosystem project can offer different services . Non Ecosystem projects are used with our different layers of blockchains for our ecosystem.

Add Project to Ecosystem 

Send 10,000 Pittsburgh Digital Firm Coins (mintme) 



 Project Add-On to Ecosystem

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