Renegade (Layer 2)

Contract Address - 0x028f86afD14A7009592B3b3d766f0f51eBEc2ae7

Decimals- 2

Blockchain- Avalanche

Project Purpose 

Small businesses are added to the project blockchain(avax). We use the project for  Research & Development using blockchain for small business.

Network Includes

Smart Contracts in our Project Network. 

Business to Business Partnerships

Project Development

Smart Contract

The Project is depositing AVAX to add real liquidity. 

Buy Renegade Coins

Find the Project on tradersjoexyz.

Be part of the Network

We are buying the coins and then Staking in a Liquidity Pool. 

Distribution of Supply

Contract Rich List

Add your wallet to our Network

Own a Percent of Renegade coins 

Add Coins to liquidity pool to own stake of the network.

50,000 Renegade Coins is 1% of Supply

Add your project or Business

Add 25,000 Renegade coins to your wallet and earn 5,000 Renegade coins. Own 0.5 % Supply

Send 1,000 Renegade coins to 0x63b1d4147bef675d73e964664db3db4c71de5f3a

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Advertise Renegade Coins

Help us gain more business partners and earn more Renegade Coins 

We are offering 1,000 Renegade coins per month. 

Send 10,000 Renegade coins to earn 1,000 Renegade coins monthly..

Send 10,000 Renegade Coins to 


Give employees Renegade Coins 

Send 1,000 Renegade Coins to Employee and receive 500 Renegade coins. Give employees 0.02% of Renegade coins.

Send 1,000 Renegade Coins to


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