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Welcome to Our Ecosystem

A Blockchain Company using different blockchains for our Ecosystem.
Wallet to Wallet using our ecosystem projects
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Ecosystem Projects

How does the Ecosystem Works? 

  • Projects have a purpose & Utility that benefits the Company and Community . This creates value to the project when it is being used daily for the community. 
  • Non Ecosystem Projects can join the ecosystem . Both parties work together and contribute and distribute for the community.
  • Adding services and providing education to bring awareness for the community.

 Layer 1 & 2 Blockchains 

  1. Ethereum
  2. Bsc
  3. Polygon
  4. Solana
  5. waves 
  6. Elrond
  7. Mintme
  8. Prv

These Blockchains can be use to develop projects and build different applications for our community.

We got projects using all blockchains that are listed above.

Work Groups 

  1. Company ( Pittsburgh Digital Firm LLC
  2. Individual
  3. Other Companies 
  • This Picture explains how the groups will work . 
  • Also providing information about the community. 
  • Everyone contributes to develop and grow.

Contact us to join the work groups.

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